Special Quality

My customers publish many of my translations or use them in dealing with their own customers. They are part of their image and brand. That is why I put special emphasis, not only on terminology and content, but also on the quality of style.

In my work as an interpreter, I am aiming for more than conveying pure content and getting the words right. By ensuring the best possible interaction and communication between a speaker and his/her audience, I seek to contribute to the success of the conference or the meeting.


Research  Terminology  Style

Translation and interpreting is more than just replacing the words of a text in one language with those of another. Extensive research of the knowledge base of a text on the internet and by consulting technical works of reference; consistency in the use of technical terminology through comparative studies of other company documents and industry publications; appropriateness and elegance of style to smoothly convey the message of your text to the target group – this is the extra effort I make to ensure that the quality of your text or presentation will be a perfect match for the brand and image of your organisation.


Respect for Deadlines  Reliability

Timely arrival at the venue of an interpreting assignment and absolute respect of the delivery dates agreed for written translation work – that’s the practical meaning of the word reliability to me. Trust is the foundation of any cooperation, something you can also count on when the going gets tougher.


Customised Service  Experience

What is the advantage of working with a freelancer? As a client of a translation agency, you might have your own personal account manager, but you don’t know the person who does the actual job. My work is personal and custom. It is reliable and will not give you any nasty surprises. It draws on the expertise and experience I acquire through long-term customer relationships and is based on personal commitment, flexibility and service. Thus I can vouch for its quality.